THROUGHLINES programs help teachers and learners build and demonstrate their understanding about process and content through active exploration, inquiry and problem solving.  Teachers are asked to consider what they want their students to understand about particular ideas, process, topics or themes. These curricular understanding goals, the big ideas of the curriculum, inform the practical application of dance and theatre based tools and processes in the classroom.  Asking good questions is fundamental to the process of creating and reflecting and good questions help students to be energetic thinkers. When the purpose of instruction is to build student understanding the process of assessment is more than just one of evaluation; it is a substantive contribution to learning.  Throughlines programs enable learners to use approaches and techniques from the disciplines of theatre and dance to build and  ‘perform’ their understandings and make learning meaningful.  Those understanding performances (ongoing assessment) inform teachers, teaching artists, and learners about what the students currently understand and about how to proceed with subsequent teaching and learning.