THROUGHLINES designs and presents theatre and dance based professional and personal development programs for schools, organizations and communities. Our work brings learning up onto its feet to impact aspects of teaching, learning, leadership, and collaboration through active inquiry.

The elemental connection between engagement in the arts and engagement in learning is at the core of our work.  Using a variety of improvisation structures from the worlds of theatre and movement arts we engage people in active approaches to thinking, using the body, imagination, inquiry and collaboration to extend and deepen understanding about topics and ideas.

Our work is centered upon asking questions (inquiry) making work (to see what we find out) and reflecting upon what and how we found out.  That approach is adapted to the specific needs and interests of those we are working with to impact working process and outcome in classrooms, board rooms, and community centers.

Because “making” in theatre and the movement arts is active it promotes activation of the brain and information processing (problem solving), and connects us with others (community building, collaboration) while centering on exploration and engagement with ideas (commitment).  As soon as we are engaged in moving our thinking, including active listening and response, we embody the roles and responsibilities of learning, community, and leadership. Using tools and approaches from the disciplines of theatre and dance provides specific and adaptable ways to make meaning, through cognitive, kinesthetic, and emotional channels.